FAB Roofing Systems, Flat Rubber Roofs

Protect your home or property by updating your roofing system. Gutters can be replaced in a variety of finishes, from traditional black or white, to Timberlook wood effect. Fascias are the facing boards directly behind the guttering, and soffits are the board underneath the fascia. The reason why these three items are essential is that they provide the division between building and roof and need to be efficient, durable and watertight. Faulty rooflines can cause damp in walls and floors and, over time, compromise the stability of the building. FAB Systems can help prevent this.




Uk’s leading supplier of Firestone RubberCover

A 1 Piece Rubber Roof System 20 Year Guarantee 50 Life Expectancy.

No Flame No Trouble.


No Seams Easy Installation highly Durable Superior Flexibility Lightweight.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Apply on any Slope
High Wind Uplift Performance
Extensions, Verandas, Porches
Garages, Car Ports, Garden Sheds
Dormers, Balconies, Gutters.

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