FAB Fascias, Soffits & Guttering


Protect your home or property by updating your roofing system. Gutters can be replaced in a variety of finishes, from traditional black or white, to Timberlook wood effect. Fascias are the facing boards directly behind the guttering, and soffits are the board underneath the fascia. The reason why these three items are essential is that they provide the division between building and roof and need to be efficient, durable and watertight. Faulty rooflines can cause damp in walls and floors and, over time, compromise the stability of the building. FAB Systems can help prevent this.


This image shows a box end and bargeboard.  These are quite tricky to get right, so we use only the most experienced installers.  Often rooflines create difficult angles, and our experienced fitters will cap everything off properly and all our products are guaranteed for ten-fifteen years, which gives you peace of mind. 


Using good products means a neat and effective roofline, and enhances any other general improvements and renovations on the building.  Getting a good roofline, means that expensive extensions are not marred by old guttering, fascias and soffits.


Guttering is essential to take away rain and damp from the roof and prevent it from penetrating the walls. FAB Systems installers are highly experienced and can work around any awkward angles and placement, to give you an efficient guttering system.


We can mix the finishes on our soffits and fascia to enhance a modern building, or complement a period one. The image shows an installation using black guttering and fascia, contrasted with a white soffit. This gives quite a dramatic look.

Most roof edges can be capped with UPVC trim to cover off the traditional finish, which can crumble and let in water. FAB Systems’ roof edges are an effective and efficient way of sealing and protecting gable ends, helping maintain the watertight qualities of the roof. It also gives an attractive finish, superior to the crumbling ‘concrete’ look that has long since lost its purpose.

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